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April 26, 2022 by Edward Blomstedt

Mika Mantere starts as chief technology officer - Combi Works to increase manufacturability support

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Combi Works, a leading European subcontractor with global manufacturing, recruits Mika Mantere with an extensive career in engineering and manufacturing in companies like Etteplan, Konecranes and Valmet. This is another step in our strive toward the leading position on the market by deepening our experience in engineering and manufacturability.

"We want to make manufacturing easy and be able to support our customers and partners better in manufacturability to expand our ability to increase the flexibility and scalability of manufacturing capabilities ", says Edward Blomstedt, CEO and founder of Combi Works.

"This means that we need to be stronger in the engineering part of manufacturing, ensuring that we can support our partners to reach better speed and efficiency in manufacturing. As well as harness the strengths in our supply chains and partners. Mika is part of our next step on this path. I was very keen on getting his knowhow and experience into our team. Mika has been leading engineering in some of the strongest industrial companies in the Nordics and this knowhow is important also for Combi Works’ customers.", Edward comments.

“I am super excited to become a part of Combi Works’ journey. Engineering is where majority of the manufacturing costs of a product are determined and fixed. Working as the link between engineering and manufacturing allows me to have an impact on the cost effectiveness of our customer’s products, and also to have an impact on the climate footprint of these products. Fighting climate change is close to my heart and here I can help both our customers and suppliers to take steps to the right direction.

I have a long history of working with market leading OEM manufacturers and their global supply chains and I am more than happy to bring my expertise and knowhow into the Combi Works management team.”

Mika comes with a solid background in engineering in various industrial fields as both as chief engineer and leading the outsourced engineering procurement and product lifecycle cost analysis. Most of his career has been in Valmet, Konecranes and Etteplan so his roots are firmly in the manufacturing industry. He will also be part of the company’s management team.


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