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Embracing Digital Excellence in Manufacturing: A Combi Works Perspective


Harnessing Supply Chain Systems, ecosystem based software and AI for Repetitive Work

Today, I’m diving into something that’s not just a part of our company’s backbone but also a cornerstone of modern manufacturing – Digital Excellence. We’re talking ERP, supply chain systems, AI, and all the jazz that transforms the manufacturing landscape.

The Core of Combi Works: Airfaas and Digital Transformation

At Combi Works, our mantra has been about making manufacturing easy and efficient. Since 2005, we’ve been on this exciting journey, facing diverse demands and products, leading us to a crucial realization: the need for absolute scalability and traceability in operations.

Enter Airfaas. This isn’t just a system; it’s our digital partner in crime. It revolutionizes how we manage, scale, and trace every manufacturing aspect. With Airfaas, we handle multiple projects with lower fixed costs and great efficiency. It’s like having a GPS for your manufacturing processes – you know where everything is, in real-time!

The Three-Step Path to Digital Excellence

  1. Implement a Robust Digital System: Start with a solid ERP system like Airfaas (which is focused on supply chains). It’s your control tower, offering a bird’s-eye view of your entire supply chain process. Scalability? Check. Traceability? Double-check.
  2. Embrace AI for Repetitive Tasks: Let’s face it, no one likes monotonous work. AI steps in here, automating repetitive tasks, ensuring accuracy, and freeing up your team for more creative and productive work.
  3. Enhance Collaboration through Digital Channels: Choose your digital tools so that they are collaborative, ecosystem based and integratable. This improves communication with partners. Systems like Airfaas make it easy to match RFQs with suppliers’ capabilities, ensuring efficient and effective project allocation.

Real-Life Examples from Combi Works

  • Scalability in Action: Managing manufacturing for various clients in numerous factories is no small feat. Airfaas allows us to design best practices and grow with them, preventing the level of difficulty from escalating with each new client or project.
  • Mastering Traceability: Finding the correct drawings, revisions, BOMs, and specifications in a jiffy is our superpower. Thanks to Airfaas, these crucial bits of information are never lost in the maze of emails or personal files.
  • AI-Powered Repetitive Tasks: AI has improved our efficiency in managing technical and quality reviews and handling Nonconformities, AI can significantly enhance our efficiency, making our operations smoother and more reliable.

Concluding Thoughts

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, embracing digital excellence is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. At Combi Works, we’ve woven this into our fabric, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve. Remember, the future belongs to those who innovate and adapt. So, start working with us today and step into a world where manufacturing meets digital innovation. Ready to make the leap? Your dedicated Combi Works Project engineer and team are just a click away.

If you want to learn more, visit our Digital excellence page here or contact Eddi for more information here.

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