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Welcome to Combi Works Infra. We specialize in quality products for the building industry. Manhole covers and channel gratings for the streets, tree gratings for surroundings and AluFix guardrails for safety at heights.

Each product is designed adhering to stringent European standards like EN124, EN1433, and EN13374, ensuring quality and safety.

We design, produce, store, and distribute right in the heart of our markets.

Manhole Covers: Secure and Durable
Engineered for longevity and compliance, our manhole covers meet the EN124 standard, providing reliability. Read more.

AluFix Safety Guardrails: Safety with Simplicity
Conforming to EN13374 standards, our AluFix safety guardrails deliver effective protection with straightforward installation. Read more.

Channel Gratings: Efficient Water Management
Designed to handle water flow efficiently, our channel gratings adhere to the EN1433 standard, ensuring performance and safety. Read more.

Tree Gratings: Protecting Urban Greenery
Our tree gratings blend functionality with aesthetics, designed to protect roots and enhance urban landscapes while meeting relevant standards. See catalog.

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Quality and safety

We provide safe products for different environments. Drainage for your streets and safety at heights

Production quality

Product design, manufacturing and testing based on EN standards and local market needs and requirements.

Local product control before shipping to customers.

Strength analysis and simulations during the R&D phase.

Feedback from customers and users for improvements

Quality control in foundries according ISO9001 incl. load tests.

All 100% traceable with revision follow up and Claim-NC-CAPA process history

Finished products inspection by our own specialist and/or 3-party before shipping from foundry.

Certification of foundries in accordance with ISO 18001 & 14001

Combi works

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