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Rauma port E600 heavy duty manhole covers

Combi Works’ covers are used in the most demanding surroundings with heavy vehicle loads and extreme weather conditions. For the winter’s -35 degrees to summer times’ +30 degrees, the safety and reliability needs to be under control.

Our E600 covers are made for such conditions, covering the sustainable way.


The port in Rauma has many of our products in areas where loading and unloading happens as well as moving containers and other heavy loads take place. Our E600 covers are made for such conditions, covering the sustainable way.

Ville Vuorisaari


Helsinki Jätkäsaari

Helsinki has been growing and sprawling in the recent years. Multiple new neighborhoods have risen quickly, expanding the city proper.
One of these inspiring and vibrant new areas is Jätkäsaari, a former container port turn trendy residential area.


If you have ever walked the streets in Jätkäsaari, chances are you have seen many of our products covering the streets. Our products cover the long park stretching through the area, the distinct orange bridge, lovingly nicknamed “rock n roll carrot”, that has become something of a landmark in the area.

Photo: Combi Works


Vana-Kalamaja street

The reconstruction of the historical Vana-Kalamaja street is unique in many ways, because it was renovated using a unique concept in Tallinn, emphasizing the comfort of people traveling without a car and the aesthetic appearance of the street.


Several models were used from the Combi Works product range, both square and round shaped.

Photo: Taavi Sepp


Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town is the oldest part of Tallinn, Estonia. Old Town of Tallinn has managed to wholly preserve its structure of medieval and Hanseatic origin. Old Town represents an exceptionally intact 13th century city plan. Since 1997, the area has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Old Town also needs modernization, especially the infrastructure, incl. manhole covers.


Combi Works product range is wide and we can find suitable products for every environment. Many of our products are used throughout Tallinn Old Town.

Photo: Andres Tarto


Noblessner special covers

Noblessner, a former submarine factory, is now a vibrant community of apartments, high-level restaurants, shops and cultural venues. The presence of the sea is always felt in Noblessner as it’s situated on a beautiful, cosy harbour stretch.

The uniqueness of the area is symbolized by their well-thought-out solutions among other the desire to design manhole covers with their own logo, something which we at Combi Works helped realize.


Combi Works fulfilled the wishes of Noblessner, designed and cast unique manhole covers.

Photo: Martin Dremljuga