EN 13374 standard


EN 13374 description

EN 13374 is a European Standard that specifies requirements and test methods for temporary edge protection systems. These systems are designed to prevent people from falling from heights during construction and maintenance work, offering peace of mind and safety.

EN 13374 categorizes temporary edge protection systems into three classes, each designed to address different levels of risk and types of work environments. Understanding these classifications is crucial for selecting the appropriate system for your project’s specific needs.

  • Class A: These systems are designed for flat surfaces or slopes not steeper than 10 degrees. Class A protection is suitable for low to moderate risk environments where the potential fall height does not exceed 2 meters.
  • Class B: Class B systems are intended for use on slopes up to 30 degrees. They are designed to protect against higher risks, suitable for environments where the fall height can be significantly more than 2 meters but generally not exceeding 3 meters.
  • Class C: The most robust of the three, Class C systems are engineered for steep slopes greater than 30 degrees and for situations where the fall height could be considerable. This class offers the highest level of protection and is often utilized in the most challenging and hazardous work environments.

Choosing the correct classification is not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on site. By considering the specific requirements and risks associated with your construction site, we can help you to ensure compliance and suitability to your needs.

When is a Toe Board Necessary?

Toe boards are essential whenever there’s a risk of tools, materials, or other objects falling from edges and posing a hazard to people below. According to EN 13374, toe boards are a mandatory component of temporary edge protection systems across all classifications (A, B, and C) whenever such risks exist. Their primary purpose is to prevent objects from slipping or rolling off the edge, thereby significantly reducing the potential for accidents and injuries.

Specifications and Requirements

The standard specifies that toe boards should be at least 150mm high, ensuring an adequate barrier against the accidental displacement of objects. They must be securely attached to the edge protection system, forming a solid, impenetrable boundary that extends along the entire length of the exposed edge.