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Harnessing Airfaas for Enhanced Manufacturing Solutions

At Combi Works, we embrace the future of manufacturing with our digital partner, Airfaas. This powerful system stands at the heart of our services, revolutionizing the way we manage, scale, and trace every aspect of the manufacturing process. Since 2005, Combi Works has been navigating the complexities of diverse client demands and products. Our journey led us to a crucial realization: the need for absolute scalability and traceability in our operations.

Scalability in our context is not just about handling multiple projects; it’s about excelling in them. Airfaas enables us to manage manufacturing for various clients across numerous factories with efficiency and lower fixed costs. Traceability, on the other hand, is about precision and reliability. With Airfaas, we locate the correct drawings, revisions, BOMs, and specifications, ensuring that critical information is never lost in the maze of emails or personal files.

This digital transformation ensures that we don’t just store information; we make it alive and accessible. Whether it’s accurately storing BOMs, comparing costs efficiently, managing quality reviews, or handling Nonconformities, Airfaas is enabling our reliability and efficiency. Its intuitive interface and smart functionalities are integral in our mission to “Make manufacturing easy”.

By choosing Combi Works, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re opting for a partner who is at the forefront of digital manufacturing excellence. Our commitment to digital proficiency through Airfaas means enhanced quality, reduced lead times, and a level of service that sets new industry standards. Welcome to a world where manufacturing meets digital innovation – welcome to Combi Works.

Your dedicated Combi Works Project engineer and team is always available to help you should you need assistance in creating your free login and seeking access to your company account in Airfaas.

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Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency for Our Factory partners

For our valued factories, Airfaas is more than a digital tool; it’s a gateway to better collaboration and enhanced business opportunities. This advanced system allows us to categorize and match RFQs, ensuring that each supplier receives opportunities aligned with their capabilities and strengths. With Airfaas, we can pinpoint suitable RFQs to our suppliers, streamlining the process of identifying relevant projects. This targeted approach not only saves time but also increases the chances of successful projects. The system’s data management and clear communication channels mean that suppliers are always informed, with easy access to accurate drawings, specifications, and project requirements. This translates into more efficient production planning, better resource allocation, and ultimately, a more fruitful and satisfying partnership. By integrating Airfaas, Combi Works reaffirms its commitment to fostering strong, productive relationships with its partners, ensuring mutual growth and success in the manufacturing landscape.