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Welcome to Combi Works:
Your partner for manhole covers, channel gratings and tree gratings!

We recognize that selecting the ideal supplier for manhole covers is crucial for your pipe and well manufacturing business. Combi Works, the market leader in Finland and Estonia, is ready to deliver a solution that combines engineering with a great business experience – making us a core business partner for you.

Empowering Well Manufacturers with Expertise:

In the realm of manhole covers, Combi Works expertise is widely recognized. Our team of experts, with industry experience, assures you that your needs are in capable hands. With innovation as our compass, we ensure that you’re equipped with the latest products and industry best practices, enabling you to lead from the front.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Understanding that manhole covers are a pivotal component in your well assemblies, Combi Works has designed product ranges to align with various pipe sizes. Our offerings extend to telescoping assembly as a service, streamlining your manufacturing process and enhancing efficiency.

A Spectrum of Solutions:

Diversity is the cornerstone of our product range. From manhole covers to tree gratings and channel gratings, our catalog caters to the requirements of your well assemblies. Whether you’re seeking standardized designs or require customized solutions, Combi Works has you covered. Our easy-to-navigate catalog simplifies your search, ensuring a fit for your products.

Reliability Rooted in Quality Control:

Quality control is built into our operations. Manhole covers are cost sensitive but functionality of crucial. Our manufacturing facilities have testing protocols so that our products not only meet industry standards. This steadfast commitment to quality grants you the assurance that our products are engineered to endure.

Combi Works stock:

Manufacturing timelines are your lifeline, and we understand that. Our inventory levels are there so that we aim to buffer your manhole cover demand code changes. This translates to lower downtime, better efficiency, and smoother operations.

Validated by Industry Leaders:

Our references are numerous and you have undoubtedly walked over hundreds if not thousands of our products in your streets. We introduced lockable products to the Finnish and Estonian markets, and our ongoing product improvements show our commitment to driving positive change in the industry.

Pioneering Progress Together:

By choosing Combi Works as your supplier, you’re not just accessing products – you’re becoming part of the people shaping the future of manhole covers in Europe. Our active involvement in the development of European EN standards demonstrates our dedication to delivering safer, more advanced products that elevate the industry at large.

In summary:

  • Expertise tailored for well manufacturers
  • Designed product ranges for various pipe sizes
  • Quality controls that fit industry standards
  • Telescoping assembly as a streamlined service
  • Industry-first initiatives and product improvements
  • Active role in shaping industry standards

Reach out to us today and let us combine your seamless well manufacturing with enduring manhole covers designed to enhance your product assemblies.