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Supply chain service

Supply chain service is a full-scale procurement solution

Imagine if manufacturing wasn’t a headache. Instead of juggling dozens of suppliers, negotiating prices, and dealing with quality issues, what if someone else took care of all that your strength? That’s exactly what we do with our Supply Chain Service.

Our Supply Chain Service is a full solution where we act as your company’s internal procurement team. We don’t just assist; we fully integrate with your operations to manage, develop, and optimize your procurement processes.

The service includes all key areas of Purchasing, Quality, Manufacturing, and Procurement.

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Supply Chain Service creates business benefits that are hard to match with a non-integrated approach

• Cost savings: total costs decrease while overall procurement capabilities improve
• Audited factories and governance: rely on CW’s established process for supply chain auditing and building governance
• Improved product manufacturability: CW’s Tech review creates deeper manufacturing understanding and frees up resources
• Deeper cost understanding: CW’s Cost calculations show the optimal manufacturing price as a benchmark for actual costs
• Grow your purchasing team without fixed costs: CW’s outsourced purchasing service enables flexibility and scale
• Increased nonconformity processing accuracy: CW takes over the work of handling nonconformities with suppliers
• ESG compliance and auditing: CW is expanding auditing to include ESG perspectives

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One Supplier – SC consolidation

Combi Works handles large scopes and wide ranges of products with varying methods. We allow the customer to consolidate the supply chain to a more easily manageable package. This way savings are not only in components but in management.

Scalable manufacturing network

Customers rely on Combi Works to be able to manufacture a wide range of products with varying methods and scalable capacity. When orders on the customer side fluctuate, Combi Works can buffer this.


Customers choose Combi Works because it is more than a single factory. This increases safety because there is a tested back-up to all production ensuring stability and security. Each complex structure has a primary and secondary source ensuring that production can be moved within reasonable time.

Visibility and traceability

Combi Works is managing its manufacturing network using the AirFaas platform and providing visibility and traceability to its customers. By a simple login, the customer is able to visualize projects, offers, orders, shipments and performance.

Sourcing capabilities

Combi Works is proactively able to bring solutions to varying customer needs in capacity, method or global location or when technology moves forward. We quote and if agreed, test new solutions before risks are materialized. The proactiveness brings new competitive production sources based on location or technology.

Manufacturing understanding

Combi Works process includes a price analysis focusing on the parameters affecting price. This ensures that Combi Works is not merely comparing end quotes but gains a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the price. This allows to not only negotiate better, but to anticipate and solve manufacturing situations faster and more accurately.

Supply network levels and categorization

Combi Works conducts deep audits in its partners. All partners are categorized and graduate to supplier levels of Supplier, Category supplier and Network Partner.

Supply chain competitive advantage and categorization

Combi Works analyses the competitive advantages of factories to enable pricing and delivery advantages. This can be closeness to a raw material, economic zones, transport availability or any other.
Combi Works also defines strategically important components across customers and projects and categorizes them to solve difficult needs where they arise, so committing to solve them for the production partners. This ensures competitiveness to partners, both customers and factories.

Technical capabilities

Combi Works studies, learns and supports customers actively to work as a sounding board for RnD in choice of materials and production methods. We also support in improving the quality processes within manufacturing.