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The new home of AluFix safety guardrails

Combi works

AluFix safety guardrails

The market’s most versatile counterweight guardrail system that meets European EN 13374 safety standard.

AluFix is designed and assembled by Combi Works.

We are local and near you and take pride in helping build sustainable infrastructure. Our communities and people are close to our hearts – lasting and sustainable infra can help secure our communities.

Find our more about our product models AluFix Classic and AluFix EVO which come in among other 30m and 50m lengths. Visit our Product catalog here.

Download our AluFix presentation


The system is easy to assemble and disassemble for reuse.

Production quality

Product design, manufacturing and testing based on EN13374 and local market needs and requirements.

Local product control before shipping to customers.

Strength analysis and simulations done in the R&D phase.

Feedback from customers and users for improvements

Quality control in factory to according ISO9001

All 100% traceable with revision follow up and Claim-NC-CAPA process history

Part, order and manufacturing traceability in Airfaas system

Combi works

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