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Combi Works acquires AluFix safety railings


We are thrilled to announce an exciting development in our journey to enhance safety and quality in construction and infrastructure areas. Combi Works Oy has acquired the AluFix Safety Railing product business from Alupro Oy, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing superior safety solutions.

Our AluFix safety railing

Who we are?

Our history in the infrastructure segment is in development and distribution of essential construction industry products such as manhole covers, channel gratings, and a variety of other key items designed to support urban and construction projects. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to innovation and excellence, setting new standards and being key to developing our current markets.

AluFix has established itself as a reputable product, known for its durability, reliability, and innovative design in ensuring safety. As the new steward of the AluFix brand, we are dedicated to not only maintaining these standards but also to elevating the product to new heights. Our team is excited to integrate AluFix into the Combi Works Infra segment, further enriching our portfolio of safety-focused products.

At Combi Works, we are known for our product features, product range, and, most importantly, our commitment to customer service and quality. Our customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) has consistently exceeded 80 points, reflecting our dedication to exceeding customer expectations. As we welcome AluFix into our family, we want to reassure all current and future customers that this tradition of excellence will not only continue but will be enhanced.

Benefits for AluFix Customers

The integration of AluFix into Combi Works brings with it benefits for existing AluFix customers. Our acquisition signifies a renewed emphasis on customer service for AluFix. By joining forces with Combi Works, you as our customer will experience an enhanced level of support and engagement, ensuring that your needs and expectations are met with attention and responsiveness. Our commitment to customer service means that we’re always here to support you, providing solutions that meet your specific needs and challenges.

Looking Ahead to 2024

We understand the importance of seamless support during this transition. Therefore, we are putting an emphasis on customer service excellence and support to ensure a smooth and beneficial experience for all AluFix users. In the coming weeks, we plan to reach out to arrange visits where we can introduce ourselves more formally, listen to your insights, and discuss how we can enhance our cooperation. These interactions are invaluable as we strive to understand your needs better and explore new opportunities for growth and collaboration. We look forward to discussing how we can support your projects and objectives in the future. Our team is ready to assist with any inquiries, provide comprehensive support, and listen to your valuable feedback to serve you better.

Comments from Combi Works CEO, Edward Blomstedt:

“As the founder and CEO of Combi Works, I am genuinely excited to welcome the AluFix product to the Combi Works family. This acquisition aligns perfectly with our strategy to grow our business areas and enhance our product offerings in the construction and infrastructure sectors. We are committed to developing this business and product alongside our esteemed customers, ensuring that we continue to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed your safety needs. Together, we will build a safer and more sustainable future.”

Comment from Janne Laakkonen, CEO of Alupro:

“The decision to divest the AluFix product business to Combi Works comes after careful consideration of what is best for the product, its users, and our customers. We are confident that under Combi Works, AluFix will receive the focused attention and resources it deserves to flourish. This transition ensures that the legacy of AluFix and its contribution to safety will continue to grow, benefiting all stakeholders. We look forward to seeing the future developments and successes under Combi Works’ stewardship.”

We at Combi Works invite all our customers and partners to join us in this exciting new chapter. Your continued trust and support mean the world to us. We are committed to building on the legacy of AluFix with the same passion and dedication you have come to expect from Combi Works. Our sales and product development team will be at your service. But please give us a moment to manage the handover smoothly. We have a dedicated sales and service team already in place and learning the inns and outs of our new product.

Visit our AluFix safety guardrails page here.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community.

Warm regards,
The Combi Works Team

For more information:

Edward Blomstedt, Combi Works CEO, +358 50 3005598
Janne Laakkonen, AluPro Oy CEO, +358 20 742 1701

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