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Enico Oy seeks to grow 5-fold – Combi Works builds scalable manufacturing through Supply chain service


Enico Oy is at the forefront of the energy transition, developing innovative energy storage solutions critical in an era increasingly reliant on renewable energy. Their commitment to making renewable energy a more accessible resource by storing electrical energy is evident in their mission to be the frontrunner in modular and scalable energy storage solutions. Enico’s expertise, honed with industry professionals, enables them to offer first-class solutions, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing lead times in energy storage technology deployment.

Responding to a Transforming Energy Market

The shift from stable carbon-based energy production to renewable sources signifies a pivotal change. This transition necessitates securing electric grids with robust energy storage systems to manage fluctuating energy outputs, a challenge that Enico is adeptly addressing. Their solutions ensure the availability of clean, sustainable energy, adapting to the inherent variability of renewable sources.

Anticipating Explosive Growth

With the energy market evolving rapidly, Enico is preparing for exceptional growth, expecting to expand its operations five-fold in the coming year. This ambitious scaling necessitates a partnership that can adeptly manage the complexities of rapid expansion.

Combi Works – Supply chain service is a Strategic Partner in Growth

In this dynamic landscape, Combi Works emerges as a key ally for Enico. Through their Supply chain service Enico gets procurement, purchasing, quality management and supply chain software (Airfaas) all as a built-in service. Their team, including Procurement Director, Project Manager, and Quality Manager, has been vital in building a steady supply chain with proper management. Their expertise has not only led to a significant 15% reduction in production costs within six months but also enhanced supplier management efficiency and quality. This process is still continuing which is set to ensure that Enico can manage the rapid growth while remaining profitable.

“Combi Works’ support is a cornerstone of our rapid expansion plans. Their strategic insights and hands-on approach in supply chain management have enabled us to focus on our core mission – advancing energy storage solutions”, says Marko Lähteenmäki.

As Enico embarks on its growth trajectory, Combi Works’ role becomes increasingly indispensable. They have built processes where needed and offered proactive consulting to improve product manufacturability, keeping costs and lead times in check. The implementation of the Airfaas software has improved Enico’s supply chain, purchasing, and inventory receipt processes.

Furthermore, Combi Works’ auditing of suppliers and management of nonconformity processes underscore their commitment to excellence. They have built a partnership that is deeply integrated into Enico’s operational fabric, ensuring growth and success.

Marko Lähteenmäki concludes, “the expertise and dedication of the Combi Works team have been important in navigating the complexities of our growth. Their solutions have not only streamlined our operations but have also been instrumental in making us ready to head into our ambitious goals.”

For more information:
Enico Oy, Marko Lähteenmäki –
Combi Works Oy, Edward Blomstedt – +358 10 2193 080

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