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Thank you for visiting us – Alihankinta showed that industry is hanging on


The Alihankinta exhibition is over and its time to reflect on all the meetings.

Here are our 3 takes on the Alihankinta expo:

Participation – industry people gathered in throngs. Whereas construction industry has seen a clear drop and gloominess has taken hold, people in the machine building industry seemed eager to meet and many had record years on their back. Companies were eager to have discussions again. Both the expo itself and our booth also saw a strong number of visitors.

Orderbooks are still strong – The overall message was that orderbooks are primarily quite full and despite the warning signs, companies are generally speaking viewing next year positively. Depending on the industry, orderbooks were often full for the next months but the record long orderbooks from last year had shortened clearly.

World situation – The Russian war was less of a topic now, but people were weary of new difficulties but no clear view into how it might affect us all.

All in all it was good to meet with people and familiar faces which spreads some positivism for the future.

We wish to especially thank the many clients and people that came over for a talk. This gives us more energy for the winter months. If you still wish to sign up for our campaign offer, please do so here.

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