Exciting news: Combi Works is listed as one of the leading European circular solutions pioneers. Our Factory as a Service was selected as a game-changer in the manufacturing sector. To read more about it, see here. The selection as one of the leading European circular solutions pioneers has been done by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. … Read more

Harnessing Supply Chain Systems, ecosystem based software and AI for Repetitive Work Today, I’m diving into something that’s not just a part of our company’s backbone but also a cornerstone of modern manufacturing – Digital Excellence. We’re talking ERP, supply chain systems, AI, and all the jazz that transforms the manufacturing landscape. The Core of … Read more

Enico Oy is at the forefront of the energy transition, developing innovative energy storage solutions critical in an era increasingly reliant on renewable energy. Their commitment to making renewable energy a more accessible resource by storing electrical energy is evident in their mission to be the frontrunner in modular and scalable energy storage solutions. Enico’s … Read more

Combi Works sustainability

The European Union’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its recent regulatory updates, particularly in corporate sustainability reporting and carbon border adjustments. These changes have significant implications for companies, especially those importing products into the EU. Understanding these changes is crucial for businesses to align with the new sustainability norms and maintain market access. Corporate … Read more

The Alihankinta exhibition is over and its time to reflect on all the meetings. Here are our 3 takes on the Alihankinta expo: Participation – industry people gathered in throngs. Whereas construction industry has seen a clear drop and gloominess has taken hold, people in the machine building industry seemed eager to meet and many … Read more