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Production methods

Production methods

A factory with agile capacity – select your location and production method. Our Factory as a Service concept means that we as a factory can produce without any capacity, location or production method limitations. As an added benefit, this leads to Combi Works having backup for the components we produce.

We offer components produced by casting, forging, welding, injection and vacuum molding, machining and final machine or electronic product assembly to name major processes. Our production methods are not limited and we are able to add new production with short lead-times.

Our current production materials range includes components produced in iron, steel alloys, aluminum, rubber, plastics and polycarbonate, PCBs, LEDs. Our central ideology is to serve as a system supplier for our customers, being able to merge your component needs under one supplier. Helping you reduce your supplier base for greater efficiency and lower overhead.  Please see client benefits for a more detailed description of how we help you grow. We control our production locally with our knowledgeable people on site. This is handled within our Virtual factory systems. For more information regarding our Virtual factory systems, please refer to here. FaaS draws full use of the possibilities of inefficient markets in production and capacity – fluctuations need to be an opportunity not a threat. Our production scales to both small and large needs, from indoor gardens to heavy machines.

We are producing:

• Forgings – steel alloys
• Castings – automatic lines to manual molding in sand
  casting to precision casting - iron, steel, aluminium
• Machined parts – from small to large scale
• Welded parts – steel, stainless steel, aluminium
• Sheet metal parts – steel and stainless steel
• Structural constructions – steel
• Assembled parts – welded assemblies, full machine assembly
• Hydraulic Cylinders - OEM and standard

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