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Steven Hudson starts as Quality director – Combi Works aims for 99% in On Time Delivery and Quality


Combi Works, a leading European subcontractor with global manufacturing, recruits Steven Hudson in order to reach the leading position on the market by perfecting their Quality and On Time Delivery.

“Our aim is to make manufacturing easy and more profitable for our customers”, says Edward Blomstedt, CEO and founder of Combi Works.

“This means that we need to be best in analyzing quality risks and to develop our supply chain and partners. Steven is a key recruitment and an important executive team member who will take the lead in our quality development. I was very impressed by his knowhow and ambition in this field. Steven Hudson comes with an impressive background and is seeing Combi Works as an ideal platform where he can perfect his very special knowledge and skills and set them to work for Combi Works’ customers.”, Edward comments.

“I am very excited to join Combi Works. It’s a growing company that wants to rethink manufacturing and make a difference. I believe that my experience when put to work in this team will be a part of building something big.”

Steven comes with a strong background in Manufacturing Engineering, Lean Six Sigma and several other areas within Operations including Product Development, Programme Management and Procurement. He managed Dyson’s Continuous Improvement and Supplier Development across Asia, including NPD ramp up and expansion in the Supply Chain. He was also leading Continuous Improvement programs and deployment of a business system (based on Toyota Production System) for Kerry Ingredients across a >30 factory organization just in Europe alone and by this also handling extreme food regulation demands. Lately he worked for Danfoss as a Transformation Lead across Europe, where he was hired to integrate a global acquisition in the €3.3Bn Eaton merger.

For more information, please contact:

Edward Blomstedt, CEO, Combi Works.

Tel: +358 10 2193 080

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