Edward Blomstedt

Robert Blomstedt pursues career outside Combi Works


Combi Works is proud to announce that one of its founding partners Robert Blomstedt has been nominated as CEO of software company AirFaas Oy. He will leave our company and step down from the operational Combi Works team on the 20th of September. Robert will continue to share his views in our company Board of Directors.

Combi Works has grown substantially in the past years and focused on its two segments: Infra products and Manufacturing services. Combi Works’ operational team has become stronger and is ready to continue onwards without Robert.

“I have loved the years with Combi Works and I am proud of the team that will continue now without me. We have built great products, clear processes and I feel I have passed on all my know-how and experience to the Combi Works team”, Robert comments.

Combi Works has been growing strongly in 2021 and has strengthened its executive team with new talent that has been recruited during the year. The latest announcement in this was the start of Steven Hudson as Chief Quality Officer.

“Robert has managed the Infra products segment for the past years and been instrumental in developing our company. We are very happy to see that his talent is appreciated, and we believe it is a great career opportunity for him”, Edward Blomstedt comments on the news.

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