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Combi Works successfully launched 700-series manhole covers


Combi Works, a leading supplier of manhole covers in Finland and Estonia and other Northern European countries successfully developed and launched its 700-series manhole cover. The product is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of standard EN124-2: 2015 with a load class of D400.
The DN700 is used in Estonia and must in addition to the EN 124 standard also fulfill the technical requirements of Tallinna Water. Combi Works’ RnD project sought to understand the specific market requirements for the the manhole cover set and to ensure the higher durability. The set weight for example exceeds the required minimum weight of 150 kg Combi Works with a total weight of 156 kg. All in our effort to ensure the long-term durability and trouble-free use.
In the last phase of the testing process, Combi Works commissioned 3rd-party manhole cover load tests from Tallinn University of Technology (Taltech) in cooperation with Metrosert to ensure the fulfillment of the 400 kN requirements in accordance with the EN-124 load capacity test at.

The tests passed successfully and Combi Works could accept to release the product to the market.
The first sets will be installed on Kadaka road, Aasa and Aedvilja streets in Tallinn.

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