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October 4, 2022 by Mika Mantere

Ivson Serpa starts as quality manager

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Combi Works, known for its Factory as a service concept, recruits Ivson Serpa as Quality manager. This is an important step in our strive toward quality focus in the manufacturing sector.

"We want to make manufacturing easy and in line with this, we need a hands on touch within quality. We believe that Ivson will be able to shorten our response times and increase our precision", says Mika Mantere, CPO of Combi Works.

Ivson’s role will be in implementing the Quality control process as well as managing the quality aspects within the procurement process.

“I am super excited to become a part of Combi Works’ journey. I believe that the business model of the company is inspiring and for the future and I believe that I can be part of creating great customer service.

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Mika Mantere, CPO, Combi Works.

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