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November 27, 2021 by EDWARD BLOMSTEDT


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We lost count of how many companies already use the word "excellence" in their core values. It´s a word with a big "inflation-warning".

Still. Combi Works values are Ambition, Exceeding expectations and Precision. What does it mean for us?

It´s showing excellence in comparison to our competition. Yes. Excellence again!

Sounds like bragging, right? So, let´s be humble about it.

Excellence is not about working harder, meeting KPI:s or improving processes. Excellence is a moral decision. It´s about how you do anything is about how you do everything. How you manage small things sets the standard for how you manage big things!

It´s about character. To improve situations. Striving for more. Striving for better.

You cannot tell people to do it. You need to program the thinking that delivers it. And that boils down to culture. Programming the thinking that delivers highly effective organizations.

This is one idea on how to start:

  • Fully understand how your employee engagement works, what makes them tick, and generate energy from that
  • That your employees fully understand your strategy
  • That everyone cares as much as you do about your business, but, on an individual level

We make assumptions that people know what we know and believe what we believe. And there are hundreds of books trying to teach us "the secret sauce" on how to adjust your organization to excellence.

Well - the secret sauce is that there is no secret sauce. There are only people. And they are different!

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