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Combi Works

Board of Directors

Our board is selected to be an essential part of Combi Works expansion and development. While most board members in general understand and meet their basic responsibilities, truly exceptional board members do more. They go beyond the basics in their way to approach the board service.

Kalle Reponen

is an active board member in numerous corporate organisations and has previously held positions as SVP and member of the executive board of Metso Corporation, Partner at MCF Corporate Finance, Director at Nordea Corporate Finance and VP of the Metra (Wärtsilä) Corporation.

Jorma Turunen

Jorma is a Doctoral Candidate and has board experience from more than 30 company and organization boards, both as the chairman and a member. The past board chairmanships include e.g. Mobitele Oy, Infonet Finland Oy, Finex Oy, Entre Marketing Oy, PRH (Finnish patent authority) and Metex Foundation. Jorma is also a co-founder of the Finnish Kasvuryhmä (a peer network for scale-up companies).

Edward Blomstedt

Edward is the CEO of Combi Works and was also the creator of AirFaas. He is also, as a digital thought leader, an internationally reputed key-note speaker. Edward has an M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Mechanical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University). His passion is enabling a smarter revolution in manufacturing for a greener future. He was voted Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland 2010.

Robert Blomstedt

Robert is a member of the founding family of Combi Works, and the technical force behind developing the unique systems of Combi Works and AirFaas. Robert has studied International Logistics and Business Administration at the polytechnic school of Arcada in Helsinki. Robert’s area of expertise is the Logistics and SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions.

Head office

Scandinavia - Sweden