Our Corporate History, Mission and Vision tell a story of where we come from and where we are going. It is the story which defines the way we work and what we aspire to become. We are enhancing our customers' competitiveness through our Virtual factory concept.

We are striving to become the largest revolution in industrial production since
Henry Ford.

Combi Works is a family-run Finnish enterprise, founded in 2005. Business activities started as early as 1986 under Circes Ltd within Eastern European trade consultancy. When product sales efforts towards Finnish industry in 2003 and 2004 proved highly successful, it was deemed time to focus and specialize on the business. Combi Works was born. Until 2015 we were known under the name Nordic Cast Sourcing Ltd, although our marketing name was NC Sourcing. Combi Works has been built on its experience in international business and new technologies that has been accumulated in the 1980’s and 1990’s as the Chairman of the BOD Veronika Braithwaite was CEO of Swedish owned company, Moscow Cellular Communications. The company founded in Moscow was the first commercial mobile operator in the Soviet Union, which led to our family moving to Moscow just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Since its founding, Combi Works has grown organically increasing its turnover, staff and international markets. The circle was complete in 2010 when the company merged with Circes Ltd, the consultancy started by Veronika Braithwaite. Our co-founder and CEO Edward Blomstedt was awarded the "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" price in Finland in 2010, which is a celebration of the teamwork and international development of the company. The company changed its name to Combi Works in September of 2015, celebrating the 10 year journey and the development of the company.

International presence and market segments

- Finland - 2003 - Construction industry

- Russia - 2003

- Belarus - 2004

- China - 2005

- 2007 - Industrial components

- Sweden - 2008

- India - 2010

- 2010 - Consumer products

- Benelux - 2011

- Lithuania – 2011

- Poland – 2013

- Estonia – 2014

- Turkey – 2015


Veronika Braithwaite

Veronika Braithwaite

Chairman of the Board, Strategic relations

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