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We are one company handling production of all your needs. Our capacity is more extensive and inclusive than any single supplier or factory offers. Our concept also means that the production is not limited in capacity or location. We are fast to react in problem situations without extra costs to you, our client.

AirFaas portal

Our AirFaas (Faas stands for Factory as a Service) portal draws full use of the possibilities of inefficient markets in production and capacity – fluctuations need to be an opportunity not a threat. Combi Works has production, which spans multiple production methods, product segments, countries and geographical locations. This all means that we are able to combine production in a unique way and manage needs with reduced risks for clients and us. We want to be the largest revolution in industrial production since Henry Ford. We think that value is not added by owning walls or machines, but by efficient access and use of capacity. It’s a mindset – the client is in the driver’s seat. Our job is to free your resources and your management to concentrate on the future.

Physical factories and cost reduction are cornerstones, but they concentrate on the past. We free you to stay ahead of your competition. At the same time, product life spans are ever shorter. Time to market is a cornerstone and manufacturing close to markets is essential.

We do this by controlling our production and capacity within our AirFaas ecosystem. For more about the concept, please visit the AirFaas site.

The system documents production and secures traceability during the life span. At the same time, it draws full use of digitalization by integrating production with our international logistics system. We can concentrate on quality control and increasing the value we add to your supply chain.   

Our Mission

Combining best delivery performance and minimized costs to maintain customer competitiveness.

Our Vision

Our service using the AirFaas ecosystem is a fully flexible and scalable combination of manufacturing and logistics creating cutting-edge added value as a service platform enhancing sustainable development.

Edward Blomstedt

Edward Blomstedt


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