Combi Works is a subcontractor mainly working on the Northern European market.

Our company has three major market segments that we concentrate on - construction, machinery and consumer products.

The processes under each of the segments are comprised of production audits, quality control, production planning, the logistics chain and systems.


We offer customer specific components and structures produced according to your drawings by casting, forging, welding, injection molding and machining. We also produce assembled constructions.

We work in iron, steel, aluminum, composite materials, rubber, plastics and many other materials.


We produce and supply components to the construction industry, such as manhole covers, tree gratings, industrial valves and others.


Consumer segment products are consumer goods or electronics, ready produced for sales. Injection or roto molded products with electric assembly, aluminum or other metal components. We also offer completely ERP-integrated webshop solutions allowing you to boost your sales without system limitations.

Combi Works offers you a complete solution incorporating quality, cost efficiency, high delivery performance and logistics combined to bring you the most convenient end result - cost-efficiency and ease of component sourcing.

Combi Works boosts your company’s growth and competitiveness while ensuring that you will stay on the edge of development. We will be pleased to give you more information.

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Is Combi Works for you?

We are specialized in complete subcontracting solutions. For construction components, industrial machinery or consumer products.

Our concept gives you the edge - we combine production expertise from various fields and global logistics with ERP-integrated production, quality and logistics systems. We make your work easier.

This is Combi Works

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